Behind the “juicy” scenes of LATE FOR FATE!

Every author has a story behind all their published books. While my other books have more deeply personal reasons I brought those stories to life, my newest release, LATE FOR FATE, was born out of pure fun and a past profession.

Many years ago, I moved to Washington, DC to start a new life (you’ll have to read Renaissance of the Heart for juicy clues as to how that turned out) and I began working in downtown DC, one block from the White House as a paralegal. I would travel every morning on the Metro from the suburbs and quickly became captivated with all the hustle, bustle and beauty of our nation’s glorious capital and perpetually entertained – and often frustrated – by their subway system.

I worked for talented well-known defense attorneys and worked for the Employment Law group at Paul Hastings for many years. When some of the attorneys would come across a “juicy” case, they’d say, “Oh, Lori will enjoy this one!” I never knew then, but some of my experiences, and some plaintiffs, would become inspiration for characters in LATE FOR FATE. We even represented Bill Clinton’s attorney (from the Paula Jones case) during his own employment lawsuit, and that was partially inspiring for some of this book’s characters and scenes (fully, completely fictionalized!). We would see lawsuits and situations and often joke, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

Without fail, the Metro provided me with many tales to report once I arrived in the office. From a man rubbing his leg on me, to another man killing a wasp on my leg, to me once busting a dude pleasing himself in a metro station, I saw it all. Colleagues would joke, “You should write a book.” Well, fifteen years later, I would. And many of those lively colleagues inspired some characters in this book as well. Thank you to all of them for a wonderful career in law!

Fast-forward to 2011. I had finished writing my first novel, Renaissance of the Heart, and thought, “That’s it. I’ll never be able to write another book. All my creativity went into that book. I’m done. I’m finished.” Then I saw an ad for a new Mindful Writers’ group that was starting to meet ten minutes from my home. Writers would learn how to meditate to focus their creativity and then write side by side for four hours in a back room of an Eat n Park family restaurant. Well, it worked! I tapped into my DC days and began to write. I also took a flash fiction piece I had written the previous summer, called Too Late For Fate and expanded it. (I’ve written two additional novels in that group as well!)

I’ve always been fascinated by twists of fate, those seemingly innocuous decisions that can change the course of our lives. How we then often blame God and others for things that go awry, when we should ask, who is really responsible?

On a side note, this story was written during the Fifty Shades of Grey phenom and may have influenced some “spicy” scenes! But, hopefully, you will see that it was all done artfully and purposefully and necessary for the plot (or for entertainment, you decide!).

Thank you to everyone who made this possible: my Northern Pittsburgh Writers Critique Group, My Mindful Writers Group (Madhu!), and my other writing group (CGGs) who helped inspire some key scenes! And of course, to my husband (See acknowledgement section of Renaissance!) and my kids for tolerating all my artist moodiness. Enjoy this DC journey! You can order LATE FOR FATE HERE:

Order Kindle ebook here!

Order paperback here!

Visit Lori’s website! COVER LateforFate_w9871_750


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